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09) Casual Jewelry

Beautiful casual fashion earrings designed by Helen and Jimme for the most discerning stores. These items are as unique as all of our other selections with a low price point. Large quantity discounts are available just call us for a quote at 972-247-1414

All 09) Casual Jewelry

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CNS-J03 Blue

CNS-J03 Yellow

CNS-J04 Blue

CNS-J04 Red

CNS-J05 Yellow

CNS-J07 Green

CNS-LL008 Pearl/Black

CNS-LL008 Pearl/Green

CNS-LL009 Pearl/Blue

CNS-LL009 Pearl/Orange

CNS-LL009 Pearl/Sapphire

CNS-LL010 Pearl/Green

CNS-LL011 Pearl/Sapphire

CNS-LSS001 White/Pearl

CNS-LSS002 Multi

CNS-LSS004 Black/Multi

CNS-LSS004 Topaz/Multi

CNS-LSS005 Black

CNS-LSS005 Clear

CNS-LSS006 Multi

CNS-LSS008 Copper/Black

CNS-LSS009 Black/Gold

CNS-LSS010 Multi

CNS-LSS011 White/Gold

CNS-LSS012 Gold/Black

CNS-LSS013 Black

CNS-LSS014 G-Black

CNS-LSS014 G-Blue

CNS-LSS014 G-Green

CNS-LSS014 G-Red

CNS-LSS014 G-Sapphire

CNS-LSS015 Black

CNS-LSS015 Blue

CNS-LSS015 Hematite

CNS-LSS015 White

CNS-LSS016 Black

CNS-LSS016 Black

CNS-LSS017 Blue

CNS-LSS018 Black

CNS-LSS018 Blue

CNS-LSS018 Green


CNS-LSS019 White

CNS-LSS020 Black

CNS-LSS021 Black

CNS-LSS021 Clear

CNS-LSS021 Topaz

CNS-LSS022 Topaz

CNS-LSS023 Black

CNS-LSS023 Clear

CNS-LSS024 Black

CNS-LSS025 Black

CNS-LSS025 Topaz

CNS-LSS027 Black

CNS-LSS027 L.Topaz

CNS-LSS028 Multi

CNS-LSS029 L.Blue

CNS-LSS030 Green & Topaz

CNS-LSS031 Clear

CNS-LSS033 Blue
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