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06) Earrings

Beautiful high end jewelry fit for even the most discerning Beauty Pageants or special events. A majority of these pieces feature CRYSTALIZED Swarovski elements TM. We guarantee you will get noticed! (All dimensions given are approximate)

All 06) Earrings

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JE-XM63277 S-Clear

JE-XM63360 S-Clear

JE-XM6347 S-Pearl

JE-XM63497 S-Clear

JE-XM63922-1 S-Clear

JE-XM63922-1 S-Purple

JE-XM63922-1 S-Topaz

JE-XM64105 G-Montana

JE-XM64105 G-Red

JE-XM64105 S-Clear

JE-XM64105 S-Montana

JE-XM64105 S-Red

JE-XM65064 S-Pearl

JE-XM65126 S-Clear

JE-XM65225 S-Clear

JE-XM65395 S-Montana

JE-XM6620 S-Clear

JE-XM6620 S-Montana

JE-XM6629 S-Clear

JE-XO-010 S-Pearl

JE-XP-01 S-Pearl

JE-XP-02 S-Pear

JE-XP-03 S-Pearl

JE-XP-09 S-Clear

JE-XP008 S-Pearl

JE-XP013 S-Clear

JE-XP017 S-Clear

JE-XP020 S-Clear

JE-XP025 S-Pearl

JE-XP028 S-Clear

JE-XP036 S-Pearl

JE-XP037 S-Clear

JE-XP038 S-Clear

JE-XP039 G-Clear

JE-XP039 S-Pearl

JE-XP040 G-Pearl

JE-XP041 G-Clear

JE-XP042 S-Pearl

JE-XP043 S-Pearl

JE-XP044 S-Pearl

JE-XP045 S-Pearl

JE-XP046 S-Clear

JE-XP047 G-Clear

JE-XP047 S-Clear

JE-XY001 S-Clear Pearl

JE-XY002 S-Blue Pearl

JE-XY002 S-Clear Pearl

JE-XY002 S-Pink Pearl

JE-XY002 S-Red Pearl

JE-XY003 G-Pearl

JE-XY003 S-Pearl


JE-XY004 G-Clear


JE-XY004 S-Clear

JE-XY005 Blk-Black

JE-XY007 Blk-Black

JE-XY008 Ant Gold-Topaz


JE-XY008 G-Clear
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