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06) Earrings

Beautiful high end jewelry fit for even the most discerning Beauty Pageants or special events. A majority of these pieces feature CRYSTALIZED Swarovski elements TM. We guarantee you will get noticed! (All dimensions given are approximate)

All 06) Earrings

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JE-LM037 S-Clear

JE-LM038 Gun-Clear

JE-LM039 G-Clear

JE-LM039 S-Clear

JE-LM040 S-Clear

JE-LY111238 G-Clear

JE-M002 S-Clear

JE-M004 S-Clear

JE-M880-6 S-Clear

JE-M88013 S-Clear

JE-M88228 S-Purple

JE-M88466 G-Clear

JE-M88466 S-Emerald

JE-M88466 S-Montana

JE-M88510 S-Clear

JE-M88530 S-Red

JE-M88651 S-Clear

JE-M88923 S-Black

JE-M88923 S-Clear

JE-M88923 S-Emerald

JE-M88923 S-Montana

JE-M88924 S-Clear

JE-Q01 G-Clear

JE-Q01 S-Clear

JE-Q03 G-Clear

JE-Q03 S-Clear

JE-Q05 G-Black Leopard

JE-Q05 G-Clear

JE-Q05 S-Black Leopard

JE-Q05 S-Leopard

JE-R011 S-Clear

JE-R087 S-AB

JE-R087 S-Clear

JE-TZ5019 G-Red

JE-TZ5019 S-Sapphire

JE-TZ5030 G-Clear

JE-TZ5030 G-Emerald

JE-TZ5030 G-Red

JE-TZ5030 G-Topaz

JE-TZ5030 S-Fuchsia

JE-TZ5030 S-Sapphire

JE-TZ5120 G-Leopard

JE-TZ5120 S-Leopard

JE-TZ5131 G-Leopard

JE-TZ5131 S-Leopard

JE-W06 S-Clear

JE-X002220 G-Clear

JE-X003314 G-Topaz

JE-X003498 S-Olivine

JE-X004400 S-AB

JE-X004664 S-Clear

JE-X005033 G-AB

JE-X005033 S-AB

JE-X005189 G-Topaz

JE-X005189 S-Olivine

JE-X005483 S-AB

JE-X005523 G-AB

JE-X005531 S-Green

JE-X005531 S-Pink

JE-X005537 G-Topaz
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